I help Coaches, Course Creators & Influencers
Get 20 Additional Dream Clients
Using My 24X7 Salesman System
(Without Wasting Hours Everyday  Spamming Everyone’s Inboxes)

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Hi, this is Gitartha here!

After serving clients with Digital Marketing services for the past 5 years,
And learning the untold secrets of websites, funnels and ads, I have understood one thing.

If your business is not making money, it’s hardly the fault of your products, services and offers.
The problem is in how you talk about your product.

Now I am on a mission to help coaches, course creators & influencers Get 20 additional dream clients every month
With my 24X7 Salesman System.

What’s in this 24X7 Salesman System? Book a FREE Consultation Call ($97 VALUE) with me to find out!
But first why not have a look at some of my work below?

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Let’s start with

Wait, first tell me what is a funnel?
Well, a funnel is basically a series of landing pages where you can perform only one action on each page (your only other option is to go back).

How are funnels different from landing pages or websites?
A website is where you go to explore information (e.g. Google, Wikipedia, Facebook). A funnel is where you go to watch/read/buy something that helps you remove the struggles you’re facing in your life. One struggle at a time. (e.g. Buying a new phone, and then buying earphones, covers and chargers after that).

Check out some of examples below 

CS - Funnel Mockup 1

PROJECT: Webinar Funnel
CLIENT: Career Spark
WORK: Funnel Design Consultation, Copywriting

CS - Funnel Mockup 2

PROJECT: Course Funnel
CLIENT: Career Spark
WORK: Copywriting, Funnel Design Consultation

Autoboss Book Funnel Mockup

PROJECT: Book Funnel
CLIENT: Isaac Williams
WORK: Funnel Designing & Building, Copywriting

Now let me show you the FACEBOOK ADS that fills these funnels with the
targeted customers

And here are the

Career Spark Campaign Performance

What clients are saying…

Gitartha Sarma